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Black Mold in Attic?

Black Mold in the attic is mostly caused from the humidity and dampness of the area. With low circulation of the air and warmth on the environment, black mold can become your worst nightmare.

Black Mold Grows becasue…

If you had some sort of water even, leakage, or even high humidity that causes sweating in the attic… You may find black mold. You have a few solutions…

  • Call a professional mold inspector to disect the area and create protocols for your attic and even home.
  • Do it your self mold cleaning. Follow the guidelines, but be sure to undersand the health effects of black mold.
  • Last is use a safe black mold killer and blocker to prevent it’s growth. You will need to not only kill black mold but prevent it from coming back
  • If you have water damage on the drywall, wood, or other building materials. You should remove the area so mold will not come back. This is usually always going to be the case in battling black mold. Remember keep dry and the black mold will stay away. Also, do not only kill it, block it’s growth.

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